General FAQ

The Whos, Whats, Whens, Whens and Hows of the convention: 


+ What is MISTI-Con?

MISTI-Con is a Harry Potter fan convention sponsored by the nonprofit TGTSNBN, Inc, to be held at the Doubletree Hotel in Tarrytown, NY. The fourth MISTI-Con, will be held in July of 2019. Designed to fill the need for smaller, more intimate HP conventions, MISTI-Con will transform the Doubletree into an immersive magical experience.

+ When is MISTI-Con?

MISTI-Con will take place from Thursday, July 18th through Sunday, July 21st, 2019.

+ Where is MISTI-Con?

MISTI-Con 2019 will be held at the Doubltree Hilton Tarrytown in Tarrytown, New

+ Who can attend MISTI-Con?

All Harry Potter fans are welcome to attend MISTI-Con regardless of status, age, race, sex, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, political party, religious affiliation, or house identity as long as they respect thier fellow attendees and follow the rules and policies of the convention.

  • Regular registration is limited to those 13 and older.
  • Guests between 8 and 13 must have a "Guided Pass" to attend the event and may only attend programming in the presence of their "guide".
  • Children under 8 may be present at the event and do not require a pass and are welcome in most convention areas as long as they are in the care of parents or guardians as long as they are not disruptive.
  • Some programs and special events will be restricted by age as appropriate and any posted restrictions regarding those programs and events must be followed.

+ What does the name "MISTI-Con" stand for?

The acronym "MISTI" stands for Ministry Interdepartmental Service Training Institute which represents our convention's overall "in-character" theme. The overall theme, and structure of the programming, is based on the idea that the Ministry is holding this event as a training session for new employees following the Second Wizarding War. Many of the programs include additional elements that allow the con participants to be an active part of this story-line, and the programs and decorations are "ministry themed." While all con-goers are invited to participate, it is not necessary to do so, and all con-programming will be accessible to everyone.

+ What makes MISTI-Con different from other cons?

MISTI-Con is intentionally designed as a more intimate fan convention. Registration will be limited to 500 people to ensure that each fan feels like an especially integral part of the convention. MISTI-Con is also dedicated to sharing the art and creativity of the Harry Potter community in great depth, allowing artists and their fans an exceptional level of access to each other, and their created works.

+ Do I have to wear a costume at MISTI-Con or to attend the ball?

Not at all! While many people who attend MISTI are avid cos-players, attendees are free to wear whatever they would like to MISTI-Con and at any MISTI-Con event. There are no requirements other than international wizarding law (meaning, the actual laws of the United States and the state of New York) and your own creativity!

+ Since this is the "Ministry" con, will I not be allowed to wear student robes, cosplay as Hogwarts staff, or talk about my favorite characters?

Please feel free to wear any costume and discuss any topic at MISTI-Con! The "Ministry" theme will be used in some, though by no means all, of our programming, but it should not be a limitation to anyone!

+ What is the dress code policy?

MISTI-Con wants to remind all attendees that this is a public hotel and that children will be attending the convention. We require that all attendees be dressed in p13 appropriate attire. MISTI-Con reserves the right to deem a costume as unacceptable and to request the wearer make modifications as necessary, change out of the costume entirely into more appropriate clothing, or require you to leave the convention. If you are concerned about if your costume meets the convention standards, please email

+ What is the costume weapon policy?

Real firearms of any kind are strictly prohibited, even if unloaded. Toy, prop, or replica firearms must be clearly identifiable by non-standard bright colors or colored caps on their tips. Please keep any such firearms holstered except when posing for photographs. Real swords, daggers, knives, etc. must be peace bonded in all public areas except for official photograhic or staging areas and only for the purpose of being photographed or for use in the performance. Peace bonds can be obtained at the MISTI-Con info booth which will be located in the 24 hour break room/common room. If a staff member or volunteer sees a non-peace bound weapon, the guest will be asked to immediately go to the info desk to get it bound. If a guest violates this rule after a second notice, they will lose the privilege of carrying weapon costume pieces for the duration of the con. Bows are permitted, but arrows must remain in quivers or otherwise sheathed. As this is a Harry Potter convention wands are of course permitted. But we ask that you be careful and abstain from any foolish wand-waving or silly incantations. Do not run with wands out and try to keep them at your side except during photographs. MISTI-Con staff reserves the right to ask attendees to bind or remove any weapon or prop to ensure the safety of our guests. Failure to follow instructions from MISTI-Con senior staff regarding weapons may result in expulsion from the convention, without refund.

+ Will I be sorted into a House at MISTI-Con?

You are welcome to identify as a member of any house, school, or other affiliation, but there are no official sorting at MISTI-Con. There will however be decorative and thematic elements related to the houses, possibly including "house" tables for the opening feast. Though there will likely be informal Meet-Ups for the four Houses, please check back for more information.

+ Are any events open to the public (without a registration)?

All programs and events at MISTI-Con, and all of the conference space at the Doubletree Tarrytown are limited to those registered for the convention. While this is the case for all MISTI-Con specific content, some parts of the interior of the hotel are still public areas and there will be some guests of the hotel who are not con attendees. Please keep that in mind, and if you have any issues or concerns with a muggle, find a staff member immediately.

+ Can I bring my pet?

No. There are no pets allowed at the Doubletree. If you have a service animal that you plan to bring, please contact the hotel directly to see if they are able to accomodate your assistant.

+ What is MISTI-Con’s policy on harassment?

MISTI-Con has an extensive Code of Conduct based on our past events and our volunteers’ and attendees’ expectations for MISTI-Con. The policy is available on this website, and will also be printed in the program booklet. Every con attendee, staff member, performer, and special guest must agree to follow this policy. Harassment will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Violations should be reported to MISTI-Con senior staff immediately so the process of correcting the issue may begin.

+ This is my first ever conference! Do you have any tips?

Yes! The convention organizers’ biggest tip is the 5-2-1 rule: in every 24-hour period, you should get 5 hours of sleep, eat 2 substantial meals, and take 1 shower. It’s easy to get excited and overwhelmed and forget these basic requirements for life. Several years ago, some con attendees for other conventions put together a “Con-goer’s Guide.” It’s available publicly on Google Docs. While this isn’t an official document, lots of people agree that it offers good advice.

+ I’ve read the entire FAQ and I still have questions. What should I do?

Contact us at!