MISTI-Con 2019 is an immersive Harry Potter fan convention. MISTI-Con conventions are held biennially.


What do we mean by an "immersive convention"?
The convention has exclusive use of all the hotel rooms and conference facilities.  This allows us to create an engaging environment that our guests can participate and indulge in as much or as little as they wish. MISTI-Con fundamentally believes that the Harry Potter fandom greatest strengths lie is its creativity and participatory nature. Almost all of our programming is designed to be focused around our guests, making you active contributors to the convention.

While many attendees and staff of MISTI-Con cosplay, and some attendees role play, there are many people at the convention interested in other aspects of Harry Potter fandom. Every attendee of MISTI-Con is free to engage with the Harry Potter fandom in the ways that are interesting and appealing to them, and MISTI-Con is dedicated to encouraging all aspects of fandom.




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