Join us at at 5:00pm on Sunday in Westchester North for the triumphant return of the MERLIE Awards!

Merlie Awards announcement_vr2 (1).jpg

The costumes worn during the event do not need to be original creations, any costume is appropriate- dress as a character from the HP universe or other realms – crossover costumes are also encouraged.

Anyone who wishes to participate in the ceremony MUST sign up on the form and MUST report to Salon 4 by 4:00 PM for a run through and final prep and to be sure costumes and makeup are applied.

If you are ready to join the fun and get your MERLIE Award, please sign up now!

The MERLIE Awards are an event designed to showcase MISTI-Con costumes in all their divine splendor!

Each participant will strut the stage in character to show off their costumes (or perform a skit!) and will be greeted by a Ministry official to receive a special superlative certificate award such as, "Most likely to be exploded up by the horn of a Snorack!"

Anyone is welcome to participate, there will be no judging or competitive awards, just a fun time to show off on the main stage!

You can participate in any of the following ways:

  • Model your own costume

  • Provide a costume for someone to model

  • Sign up as a model for someone else's costume

  • Perform a skit

  • Assist backstage with make-up/hairstyling