Important Announcement

Jon Rosenthal as Minister Fudge - courtesy of The Enthusiasts

Jon Rosenthal as Minister Fudge - courtesy of The Enthusiasts

Hello MISTI-Con friends and attendees,

We hope that you had a great summer. We have a lot of exciting news to share about MISTI-Con 2019, but before we do so, we wanted to let you know about a change in the con’s leadership. Jon Rosenthal, co-head organizer and logistics director since the first MISTI, has decided to step down to spend more time with his remaining limbs.

Back in 2012, when it was announced that Aeternitas would not continue, it was in Jon’s kitchen that we first hatched the idea to create our own Potter convention, the idea that would become MISTI, and we immediately started planning the ideas that would make the con special. Jon’s connections to the community, planning, and love for the con have been essential to keeping MISTI the incredible and unique experience that it has been.

We will miss having Jon as one of our co-head organizers, but don’t fear, we are not going to change the ideals we have as a con. We have committed to continuing and enhancing our collaborations with TGTSNBN, the New York City Harry Potter Meetup (HP-NYC, for which Jon remains the head organizer) and we will continue to work together in promotions, convention appearances, and other endeavors. Jon will also retain the title of MISTI-Con Co-Founder, and will continue to give his input and insight on special projects when he is available.

The entirety of the MISTI-Con staff wishes to thank Jon immensely for his incredible efforts to the con. I’d also like to personally thank Jon for his friendship, insight, and commitment to this insane little project. It wouldn’t have been possible to get where we are now without you!

Clay Dockery, Treasurer and Co-Head Organizer, MISTI-Co

Here are Jon’s parting words: 

Dear Friends and Guests of MISTI-Con;

It has been one of my proudest accomplishments helping bring to life the three MISTI-Con conventions. As anyone close to me can attest, my heart, soul and significant personal time have gone into them. I have had the privilege of working with individuals of extraordinary talent and creativity and seen the same talent and creativity flourish within our attendees.

During the time leading up to MISTI-Con 2017, I changed careers in my muggle life which greatly reduced the amount of time I was available for convention planning. Though I was able to still work on the con, I later found that other areas received less of my attention. One of those areas was The NYC Harry Potter Meetup, as well as areas in my personal life. Due to this I have decided to step down from the MISTI-Con team. I am confident that MISTI-Con is in great hands and know that I can move to refocus on the areas I have been neglecting without causing detriment to MISTI-Con in any way. And although I will not be involved in the planning or execution of the convention, I will still extend every effort to promote, expand and assist new fans embrace the Harry Potter fandom as a whole.

I look forward to what the MISTI-Con 2019 team has in store and, as always, cannot wait to be blown away by the contributors of our fandom.

Yours in Wizarding.
- Jonathon Rosenthal