MISTI-Con 2019

MISTI-Con 2019 is happy to announce our move to the Doubletree by Hilton in Tarrytown, NY on the weekend of July 18-21, 2019!

This location opens some wonderful possibilities for us, and addresses many of the issues that we posted back in May:
• The DoubleTree has 246 rooms so everyone who attends MISTI will be able to stay on site if they want to do so.
• Tarrytown is within an hour of 4 major New York airports and is fully accessible by public transportation (bus and train)
• The size of the facility is much better suited to the size of MISTI-Con (though MISTI will remain an intimate convention!)
• The facility is much more accessible

Our new dates are equally essential, our convention has always been intended for the academic side to be robust and we have had a lot of trouble with professors and students being completely unable to attend our May dates (as they have fallen within classes or, as we moved later into May, during finals) the summer months may be a bit warmer, but without the need for the tent, more of our events will be inside for those who (like several of the organizers!) are warm weather averse. (And this way we won't have to worry about the wind blowing away our Keynote!)

While we are so happy to make this announcement, the hotel will not take any reservations until 1 year prior to the convention, we will keep you up to date as to when that will be opening.
You can check out pictures of the DoubleTree Tarrytown on their website.
Poster Credit to Jenn Wotchertonks