MISTI-Con Flashback Friday Part 2

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Week 2 of MISTI-Con's Staff Flashback Friday. This is Sarah Wilkes take on her first MISTI-Con.

"The story of my first MISTI-Con starts on the road from NY to New Hampshire. I wasn’t as active in the convention as I am today so I drove up the Thursday of the convention with a few friends. In Boston, driving through rush hour traffic, we got side swiped along with 3 cars in front of us when a car behind though the very narrow shoulder was actually another lane. Here I would add a picture that looks like the cover of an indie band album of the 4 of us sitting on the traffic barrier waiting for the police to let us drive on, but that photo is lost somewhere on the internet. When we were finally back on the road, sans my side mirror and making our way to the hotel, I remember thinking that this was definitely the most memorable start to this trip.
Upon entering the hotel you see this sign with the tag line that makes you feel like you are being brought home again and you spend the next four days with friends (new and old) learning and having fun as if you have just returned to summer camp (or dare I say the name of the school of magic ;))

I have to admit that this convention was the beginning of the road that led me to the position I have today. I’d like to tell you all of the amazing times I had at MISTI-Con 2013 but in the end it was a blur of twizzlers, the smell of pool chlorine, the sound of laughter in the hallways, the look of joy and happiness on the other attendee’s faces and I wouldn’t trade that for anything. MISTI-Con is for everyone from the neurotic over-achiever to the complete introvert looking to be in the company of people who feel the same. At the end of MISTI-Con 2013 after spending a bulk of the convention sitting in the computer room (dubbed the glass box of emotion from that year on) with the head organizers and using my overachieving nature to their benefit, when thanked for my help I demanded to be on the staff the following year (though I probably didn’t need to be very forceful) and I have never looked back."

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