Tgtsnbn, inc

The Group That Shall Not Be Named, Inc. (TGTSNBN) is a U.S.-based educational non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to providing an environment that promotes the continual growth of the love of the Harry Potter books, films, and ancillary properties as described below:

  1. To assist and encourage fans everywhere to meet up and share their mutual enthusiasm, creating enduring friendships and experiences

  2. To act as focal point for the exploration of the creative talents of members by creating events and activities that provide an artistic outlet.

  3. To provide a forum for exchange of ideas and views with various national and international organizations and eminent individuals of similar interest.

  4. To organize maintain and operate conventions and athletic teams which are dedicated to the purposes described above.

TGTSNBN also promotes the benefits of reading and creative learning for both children and adults by offering reading lessons, mathematics instruction, immersive dramatics, and other disciplines both as a part of our convention programming and by creating and teaching classes around the US (and the world.)

The current voting members of the Board of Directors are Traci Hall (President), Sarah Wilkes (Secretary), and Clay Dockery (Treasurer).

Past Board Members include Jon Rosenthal and Deanna Georges.

Financial Disclosures

TGTSNBN is dedicated to financial transparency and disclosure.
Please follow the links to our final convention budget vs actual forms for each of our previous events:
MISTI-Con 2013
MISTI-Con 2015
Coal Hill Convention (2016)
MISTI-Con 2017
MISTI-Con 2019 Preliminary Planning Budget

Contact Us

If you would like additional information please contact treasurer@misti-con.org