In order to accomplish these goals the convention has several organizing principles:

  • We will have an extremely limited number of “special” guests (quite often we have none at all), we may bring in guests of any sort (actors, comedians, technicians, artists) who have been associated with the Harry Potter books, films, or theme parks, but these guests will be attending to provide programming, we remain dedicated to the fans and our attendees as our first priority.

  • Creativity and fan created content such as podcasts, fan videos, fan fiction, fan art and all other forms of fan expression will be a focal point of the convention experience.

  • Programming is a vital part of the convention and we encourage all levels of programming. All programming will be vetted and submissions taken in order to ensure that the programming is as strong as possible. We are also dedicated to continuing the vital influence and spread of Potter scholarship in Academia and will endeavor to provide the best and most vigorous academic programs.

  • We are dedicated first and foremost to our attendees, we will strive at every moment to make the fan experience at MISTI-Con unparalleled.