The MISTI-Con 2019 Programming Schedule
is now live!

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Programming at MISTI-Con is divided into three types: Special Events, Academic & Literary Programming, and Fandom Programming

Special Events are social, creative, theatrical or interactive programs created and designed by the convention special guest performers, staff, and creative team for our attendees. These include the Opening Ceremonies and Feast, the WROCK shows, the keynote luncheon, the Founder’s Ball, late night music and karaoke, and much more.

Academic & Literary Programming are all panels and presentations made by professional academics, literary figures, or students that offer detailed, academically based, discussion and presentation of topics relating to Harry Potter and the literary world. Academic & Literary Programming will generally be scheduled in the blocks labeled “Programming” on the grid above.

Fandom Programming is everything basically everything else that fans can think of and submit to the convention, this can be more formal programming that is structured and related to specific topics— with attendees going from session to session, learning about, discussing, debating and exploring themes from and inspired by Harry Potter. Fan created theatrical works may also be submitted. These programs may also include more informal subjects and presentations such as: quidditch, informal meet-ups, fan-fic readings, running club activities, and much much more. Fandom Programming will generally be scheduled in the blocks labeled “Programming” on the grid above, but some may be scheduled be at any time, from early in the morning until late into the night!