+ What do the registration types mean, how much do they cost, and what do they include?

Standard Convention Registration is currently available at $155 (this rate will rise to $165 once the "late registration" period begins, so get yours before it goes up!) Convention registration includes access to all programming, except the Keynote Luncheon and other any other special ticketed events. These ticketed events are priced separately. T-shirts are not included and are also available for an additional charge.

Minister's VIP Registration is $350 and include access to all programming, including the keynote and any special ticketed events, as well as a t-shirt, and reserved seating in the Grand Ballroom.

The Chief Mugwump Registration Package is also available and is extremely limited. The Mugwump package includes 2 VIP registrations, and other special perks. (Mugwump packages start at $1250.)

The Guided Pass is $75 and with it children between the ages of 8 and 13 will be allowed to attend the full convention." Children under 8 are allowed to attend at no charge but must be in the presence of a parent or guardian at all times. (Anyone 13 and up needs to purchase a full convention registratio.)

+ Do you offer One Day or Two Day Passes?

We will be offering both One and Two day passes. We will open up sales of One Day and Two Day passes during the summer before the event. Check back for pricing and availability.

+ Can I register my friends and family when I register myself?

Yes, one person can register and pay for up to ten people at the same time. You can simply specify how many registrations you are ordering and the names to associate with those registrations. Please be sure that you send us a unique email address for each person being registered, and be sure to clearly indicate that your intent is to purchase multiple passes.

The person who registers all members of a group will be the “primary” registrant and will pay for all the items in one transaction. We will need a completeed registration form from each attendee prior to the convention.

+ I am (or my child is) under the age of 13. Can I attend MISTI-Con?

Yes! Children between the ages of 8 and 13 will be allowed to attend the convention with a "guided pass." Anyone with the "guided pass" may attend at any program, but needs to be with their "guide" (a guide MUST be a legal guardian) at all other times. It is the responsibility of the guide to ensure that the program is appropriate for the 8-13 year old.

The guide for MISTI-Con attendees under 13 must be a parent or legal guardian who has purchased a Full Registration. There are three reasons for this:

  1. The focus of most our programming is geared towards adults, we are limited in scope and resources and are unable to provide alternative programs for children.
  2. We are dedicated to making sure all of the programs are uninterrupted and unlimited in subject matter. The “guides” are expected to ensure proper decorum during panels and programming.
  3. We cannot be responsible for the material that your child may encounter that would be considered inappropriate.

MISTI-Con programming is focused on themes, events and activities that hold primary appeal to adults, even though the Harry Potter books appeal to all ages. For children under 8, Parents may bring their children to the hotel, but the children must be supervised and no childcare will be provided. Full descriptions of all programming will be provided in multiple locations, including online, in our con program and in some cases on the doors of the conference rooms. If you have any questions about a particular program, you can contact us and we will answer as best as we are able.

+ I am (or my child is) between the ages of 13 and 18. What do I need to do to attend MISTI-Con?

People between the ages of 13 and 18 (also known as Underage Wizards) may register for MISTI-Con by purchasing a regular convention registration, as long as they register along with a parent or chaperon. (Both the chaperon and the "underage wizard" must be registered for MISTI-Con.) Chaperones who are not the parent or legal guardian of the child in question may be required to sign a Chaperone Form.

+ My partner/friend/significant other/therapist/minister/whoever is going to accompany me to Laconia for MISTI-Con, but they don’t want to attend the whole conference. Can I buy them a ticket to any of the food events?

Yes. You can buy them a ticket to the Keynote Luncheon and/or any other ticketed event at the convention ahead of time. Please indicate this is a purchase for a guest who will not have a full weekend pass at the time of the order. (This also applies to any children under the age of 8 who you would like to provide meals for at these events.)

+ May I register at one level and upgrade later?

Yes, you may upgrade your pass. Please email our treasurer for instructions. If you change your registration without contacting the treasurer you will be charged for the full amount of the new level or any other items you are purchasing.

+ May I register now and add more items later?

Yes, each item you purchase is selected seperately, just be sure to use the same name when you are purchasing items at a later date so we can associate the items with the correct registration.

+ Can I pay for registration in installments?

No. We offer our "Goblin Bank Payment Plan" allowing for monthly payments, but the payment plan system is now closed for 2019.

+ Must I register for the Keynote Luncheon ahead of time?

Yes. The event is of a very limited size, and you need to register ahead of time in order to ensure your seat.

+ Do presenters get in free, get a special rate, or get a discount?

No, presenters will not receive free or discounted admission to MISTI-Con.

+ Do volunteers get in free, get a special rate, or get a discount?

No, volunteers will not receive free or discounted admission to MISTI-Con.

+ I have a large group that wants to attend together. Can we get a group rate?

If you are planning to attend with a group of 10 or more please contact treasurer@misti-con.org

+ Can I transfer my registration to my friend?

Yes. Pass transfers are allowed (until the deadline which will be at least a month prior to the convention at which time, no more transfers will be allowed) but MISTI-Con is not responsible for finding a transfer. Once you have found a person to transfer your pass to, you must email all relevant information (including the original name registered and the name of the person the registration should be transferred) to treasurer@misti-con.org. Any attempt to take advantage of the system will result in both parties removal from the con, with no refunds.

+ What if I register, but can't attend?

Passes are non refundable there are no cancellations or refunds available. Limited transfers are allowed based on the conditions explicated in the question above.

+ What is your privacy policy with regard to registration information?

We do not share personal information with any outside organization for any reason. Your information will only be shared internally with the relevant people and groups necessary to ensure your experience is as great as it can be. We will not share your information with other guests without your explicit permission to do so.

+ I need to keep a strong division between my online/fandom and "real life" identity. Can I still attend MISTI-Con?

We will accomodate your needs as much as possible, but remember this is a public event so you may be seen.

+ Is it safe to give you my credit card information?

Yes. (Did you really think we would say anything else?) Seriously, though, your credit card information is processed through a secure server. Once the payment goes through, we do not have access to this information – we do not have access to the information and cannot look it up.

+ Is it possible to cancel my MISTI-Con registration or receive a refund?

Passes are non refundable, there are no cancellations or refunds available. Limited transfers are allowed based on the conditions explicated above.

If you have more registration related questions, please send us an email to treasurer@misti-con.org