In 2013, the Minister of Magic authorized the creation of MISTI-Con. A center designed to find the brightest. most talented wizards to fill the positions of the many staff lost in the second Wizarding War. After the success of this event, with our strength renewed, the Minister declared a new initiative to repair relations with our wizarding brethren around the world, MISTI-Con 2015: The Wizarding World’s Fair.

The theme of MISTI-Con 2017 was "Coming Home" and it represents a return to our roots. The MINISTRY decreed that the Service Training Initiative recreate the environment and details of the world as seen through the time many of us first encountered the material- the locations, events, and stories described in the Wizard History book, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.

MISTI-Con 2019's theme is Wizarding Through the Ages.